Draft 2017-2019 Strategy

The draft 2017-2019 strategy, which will be discussed at the 2017 General Assembly, builds on the previous strategic plan, the new ISI Strategy, and the SWOT analysis.  The Strategic objectives seek to promote the understanding and advancement of official statistics, and to foster the development of effective and efficient official statistical services, particularly in developing countries, through international contacts among individuals and organizations, including users of official statistics as well as research institutions.

The draft strategic objectives are

1. Providing forum for analysis and discussion of the most relevant issues in official statistics

2. Be a recognised vehicle for spreading knowledge in official statistics

3. Increase and diverify IAOS membership

4. Invest in creating mutual beneficial partnerships

5. Strengthen communicatons with relevant actor related to official statistics

6. Contribute to the promotion and defence of the fundamental principles of official statistics

7. Institutionalise IAOS functions


IAOS members and supporters are encouraged to provide feedback on this plan


2015-2017 Strategy

The 2015 -2017 Strategy had a strong focus on improve and develop the services of IAOS to meet the growing challenges facing official statistics as well as the improvement of statistical infrastructure in developing countries. The plan focused on enhancing  relevancy, visibility and partnership as well as institutionalization.