Hasnae Fdhil - Member

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Head of the Division of Communication and Cooperation

High Commission for Planning - Morocco


Dr. Hasnae Fdhil holds a Ph.D in Nutrition Science from Mohammed V University – Rabat. She started working in the field of statistics since July 2001. She has held several posts in her institution especially as responsible for international cooperation, inter-institutional coordination and Communication in the field of statistics. She integrated several Moroccan steering committees in charge of census, household surveys, the revision of the statistical law, etc.


At international level, she managed several bilateral, regional and international statistical cooperation projects in her country. She developed a good cooperation relationship with statisticians from NSOs in the Arab, African, European and Mediterranean regions.



Dr. Fdhil focuses her interest in the implementation of the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics, governance of the statistical systems and the partnership in the field of statistics.