2016 YSP Results Announcement

The IAOS is pleased to announce that the international Selection Committee has completed its review and rating of the papers submitted for the 2016 IAOS Prize for Young Statisticians. The Selection Committee was favorably impressed by the general quality of the papers submitted and judging them was a demanding process. The IAOS would like to express gratitude to the Selection Committee members for their considerable contribution.



The results of the 2016 IAOS Prize for Young Statisticians are as follows:


First Prize: Balancing Input-Output tables with Bayesian Slave-raiding ants by: Rolando Gonzales Martinez (Bolivia)
Second Prize: Variance reduction using a non-informative sampling design by: Thomas Zimmerman (Germany)  
Third Prize: CURIOS: A framework to optimize CAPI surveys using paradata  by: Antoine Rebecq and Thomas Merly-Alpa (France)

The IAOS congratulates the winners and commends all the candidates for the effort that went into preparing their papers.  

Abstracts can be accessed by through the links above.