IAOS 2016 General Assembly

The IAOS held the 2016 General Assembly on Tuesday 6 December, as part of the 15th Conference of the IAOS, held in Abu Dhabi, UAE. 


The General Assembly began by acknowledging Dr Fritz Scheuren, Emiritus Editor of the SJIAOS. The Assembly recognised the significant efforts of Dr Scheuren (Fritz) in reinvigorating the Journal, which is now published quarterly, with papers on a wide range of topics. Tribute was also paid  to  Fritz's efforts to use the SJIAOS as a way of  increasing awareness of the IAOS, and so increasing membership.  The  Assembly also wished Fritz all the best in his retirement.


Led by the IAOS President, Ola Awad, the Assembly also reviewed the significant progress against the IAOS strategic plan, including the increase in membership, new website and greater engagement with stakeholders.  These highlights are described in the Annual report (click here to download the annual report.) which were endorsed by the Assembly.


Finally Dr Kirsten West, Editor of the SJIAOS, provided an overview of the 4 issues of the SJIAOS  published in 2016.  The Assembly noted the considerable progress in the Journal and extended its thanks to the  Editor and her team, the team at IOS Press, authors and readers. 



1- IAOS 2016 General Assembly - Ms. Ola Awad.

2- SJIAOS Status Report for Volume 32- Ms. Kirsten West.