Commendation of Andreas Georgiou at IAOS Special Meeting

Andreas Georgiou (Former President of ELSTAT) and Ada van Krimpen (ISI Director).



On 18 September 2018, during the IAOS Special Meeting on "National Statistical Offices’ Professional Independence: Threats and Responses" immediately prior to the 16th  IAOS-OECD  Conference in Paris, a special Commendation was awarded to Andreas Georgiou, former and inaugural President of ELSTAT (the Greek Statistical Authority).


This Commendation was given to acknowledge Andreas Georgiou's upholding of the highest professional standards in his public service in the pursuit of integrity of statistical systems, and it was presented to him by the following major statistical organisations: 


  • The International Statistical Institute (ISI)
  • The Royal Statistical Society (RSS)
  • The American Statistical Association (ASA)
  • The International Association for Official Statistics (IAOS)
  • The Federation of European NAtional Statistical Societies (FENStatS)
  • The Société Francaise de Statistique (SFdS)


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