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Dear Colleague,

The March 2017 issue of the Statistical Journal of the International Association for Official Statistics (IAOS) is now available. This issue is a Festschrift. Its theme is “Constant Focus: Engaging to Measure Wealth.”

The issue is dedicated to Dr. Arthur Kennickell and his involvement with the Survey of Consumer Finances (SFC). The SCF is a critical source of information on the U.S. national economy and the economic livelihood of American households. Dr. Kennickell worked for more than three decades at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Along the way, he gained much knowledge about all aspects of survey methodology and he shared his insight freely with colleagues throughout the world. We asked some of them to comment on the manuscripts we selected for publication in this issue.


Dr. Arthur Kennickell and Dr. Fritz Scheuren put the final touches on the Festschrift

 A person-to-person interview between Katherine Condon and Dr. Kennickell also appears in the issue. The views and opinions expressed in the interviews and conversations are those of the interviewee and do not necessarily reflect the policy or position of the Journal, the IAOS nor IOS Press.

Featured Articles

West, Kirsten

Interview with Arthur Kennickell 
Condon, Katherine M.

Constant focus: Engaging to measure wealth 
Kennickell, Arthur B.

Wealth measurement in the survey of consumer finances: Methodology and directions for future research 
Kennickell, Arthur B.

Using income data to predict wealth 
Kennickell, Arthur B.

Modeling wealth with multiple observations of income: Redesign of the sample for the 2001 Survey of Consumer Finances 
Kennickell, Arthur B.

Lining up: Survey and administrative data estimates of wealth concentration 
Kennickell, Arthur B.

What do the ``late'' cases tell us? Evidence from the 1998 Survey of Consumer Finances 
Kennickell, Arthur B.

The bitter end? The close of the 2007 SCF field period 
Kennickell, Arthur B.

Darkness made visible: Field management and nonresponse in the 2004 SCF 
Kennickell, Arthur B.

Getting to the top: Reaching wealthy respondents in the SCF 
Kennickell, Arthur B.

What's the chance? Interviewers' expectations of response in the 2010 SCF 
Kennickell, Arthur B.

Using range techniques with CAPI in the 1995 Survey of Consumer Finances 
Kennickell, Arthur B.

Multiple imputation in the Survey of Consumer Finances 
Kennickell, Arthur B.

Interviewers and data quality: Evidence from the 2001 survey of consumer finances 
Kennickell, Arthur B.

Shared understanding and data quality in the SCF 
Bricker, Jesse | Kennickell, Arthur B.

Tossed and turned: Wealth dynamics of U.S. households 2007-2009 
Kennickell, Arthur B.

The other, other half: Changes in the finances of the least wealthy 50 percent, 2007-2009 
Kennickell, Arthur B.

Look again: Editing and imputation of SCF panel data 
Kennickell, Arthur B.

Try, try again: Response and nonresponse in the 2009 SCF panel 
Kennickell, Arthur B.

Arthur Kennickell: The other, other half: Changes in the finances of the least wealthy 50% 2007-2009 
Schürz, Martin

Commentary paper 
Johnson, Barry W.

Comments on ``Lining up: Survey and administrative data estimates of wealth concentration'' 
Saez, Emmanuel

Commenting on ``The bitter end? The close of the 2007 SCF field period'' by Arthur B. Kennickell 
Bascos-Deveza, Teresita

Arthur Kennickell and the art and science of measurement 
Lane, Julia

Getting to the Top: Reaching Wealthy Respondents in the SCF - A commentary 
Haggerty, Catherine | Sjoblom, Micah | Pedlow, Steven

Interviewers' expectations of response propensity can introduce nonresponse bias in survey data 
Eckman, Stephanie

The Household Finance and Consumption Survey and the recipe to face statistical challenges 
Munoz, Carlos Sanchez

Commentary paper 
Rubin, Donald

Editing and imputation for survey data on household wealth: Some comments on the celebration of Arthur Kennickell 
Bover, Olympia

Knowing, looking, asking, listening, trying again, and getting to the top without a bitter end: The impact of Arthur Kennickell on the European Household Finance and Consumption Survey 
Pérez-Duarte, Sébastien

Commentary paper 
Bucks, Brian

Commentary paper 
Fessler, Pirmin

Arthur B. Kennickell: A Renaissance man 
Brandolini, Andrea

Three decades of ``following the money''. A contribution on the occasion of a festschrift for Arthur Kennickell 
Heeringa, Steven G.

An Afterword 
Kennickell, Arthur B.


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