IAOS Webinars

The role of National Statistical Offices in society and why professional independence is its foundation - 29 June 2021 

Hosted by INEGI, ISI and IAOS, speakers are:

  • Julio Santaella Castell, President of INEGI
  • Mario Palma Rojo, former IAOS President and former Governing Board of INEGI
  • Hermann Habermann, former US Chief Statistician and UNSD Director
  • John Pullinger, IAOS President and former UK National Statistician
  • Misha Belkindas, founder of Open Data Watch and IAOS President-Elect


  • Angela Me, Chief of Research and Trend Analysis Branch, UN Office on Drugs and Crime

This event will be hosted in Microsoft Teams and you can register to attend via this link.

Mario Palmer will also present his new book 'Why INEGI? The saga of a Mexican institution in search of the truth'.

Download a copy of Mario's e-book via this link


INEGI Webinar


More on Misuse of Statistics: time to speak out - 22 February 2021

This event is a call to action at the national, regional and global level: where there is misuse of statistics it is time to speak out. The event will build on the webinar hosted by the International Association for Official Statistics (IAOS) on 6 October 2020. 

The aim is to examine the issues raised from diverse perspectives and propose solutions to an issue that matters greatly to all members of the Statistical Commission and is relevant to many of the items on the agenda for the 52nd meeting. A number of papers on this topic will also be published in the Statistical Journal.

The webinar has taken place on 22nd February 2021. An open debate will also be live from the day of the event on www.officialstatistics.com

You can read the papers:



IAOS and IASS Joint webinar to celebrate World Statistics Day: On the importance to Society of High Quality Public Statistics - 5 November

Speakers: Dr. Walter J. Radermacher, Eric Rancourt.

Watch the video recording:  Joint IAOS-IASS Webinar to Celebrate World Statistics Day

Read the papers:


Eurostat and SCORUS: Regional and local statistics for more informed policy making - 26 - 27 October 2020

Speakers: L. Franconi, M. Mantuano, D. Ichim, Italian National Institute of Statistics. K. Loik, Statistics Estonia. V. Angelova, Statistics Bulgaria. J.Gaffuri, Eurostat. C. Ozguzel, OECD. A. Onnerfors, Eurostat. M. Diaz Ramirez, OECD. M. Kamphorst and J. Van der Valk, CBS.

You can view the presentations from the webinar here.


New World Order and Official Statistics in Nigeria - 22 October 2020

Speakers: Prof. O. E. Olubusoye, Dr Pieter Everaers, Dr Iyabode F. Oyenuga and Prof. D. A. Agunbiade

Watch the video recording New World Order and Official Statistics.

Read the papers:

Misuse of Statistics: Time to Speak Out - 6 October 2020

Ed Humperson, Director General, Office for Statistics Regulation, UK with panellists Martine Durand, Pali Lehohla, Andreas Georgiou and Hernan Munoz

Watch the video recording Misuse of Statistics - Time to Speak Out.

You can also have a look at the presentations: